How it Works

While every Brackish style is unique, we understand that some occassions deserve something a little extra special. Our custom process gives you one-on-one access to our talented team of artists who will makes your design dreams a reality.

The process begins with a consultation with a specialized Brackish artisan where we get to know you. Tell us about the upcoming event, fashion favorites, must-have colors, hobbies, and anything else that will give us an idea into your dream creation. Once we've met, our artisans will take the creative reins and begin bringing your vision to life.

Each piece requires four to six weeks from the intial consultation. You will choose from three mock-up designs pre-production and the opportunity for one final revision prior to receiving your one-of-a-kind Bracksih creation.

Men's custom Options

Bow Tie | Child's Bow Tie | Cufflinks | Cufflinks & Tux Stud Set | Cummerbund | Lapel/Hat Pin | Pocket Square

Women's Custom Options

Drop Earrings | Fan Earrings | Bezel Cuff | Thin Cuff | Wide Cuff

Get Started

Due to increased demand we've paused all custom design craftsmanship until January 1, 2022. However, if you're interested in gifting this experience via gift card, or adding your design to our queue, please fill out the form below and our Charleston-based concierge will provide you with more information within two business days.