Blue Chuka
Blue Chuka
Blue Chuka
Blue Chuka

Blue Chuka


Blue Chuka is crafted with blue-grey partridge feathers and brown pheasant feathers. Center wrap is a sky-blue linen material.

  • Band collar wrap with an adjustable strap and hook closure - fits neck sizes 11" to 20".
  • Bow tie dimensions are 2.5” tall and 4.5” wide. 
  • Each feather used in production is all-natural and sustainably sourced.
  • Feathers for bow ties are hand-selected, giving each finished piece unique coloring.
  • Each bow tie is hand-crafted in Charleston, South Carolina and takes approximately five hours to make, start to finish.

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The Story

The name Blue Chuka follows in the footsteps of an early design we called "Chuka." To further emphasise the bluish-grey element of the natural chukar feathers, we've incorporated a blue striped linen center wrap - hense the name "Blue Chuka." 


  • Each bow tie arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box. 
  • A list of the feathers used in craftmanship and instructions on how to care for your tie are included.

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