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If you’re new around here, Ben Ross is the genius behind our craft. While brainstorming groomsman gift ideas 12 years ago, he knew that he wanted to include his love for nature in his wedding day. As every outdoorsman does, Ben had turkey feathers lying on his dining room table. With a bow tie in one hand and a turkey feather in the other, he noticed that the shape of these feathers aligned perfectly with the shape of a bow tie. From here, Ben created turkey feather bow ties for the groomsmen in his wedding - a design we now call the Original. Four years after the wedding Ben and one of those groomsmen, Jeff Plotner, partnered together and launched what is today, Brackish.
From Ben’s very first bow tie, to the designs and surgical masks that we’re making today - our purpose has been, and will always be, to show our love and appreciation for friends, family and our community. It’s our hope that through our Masks By Makers initiative we can do just that - but only with your support.
The biggest thing we can all do during this time is to social distance. For most of us, this looks like staying inside to flatten the COVID-19 curve. At Brackish, we have the resources and skills to social distance while making a difference for the health care professionals that are on the front lines by sewing surgical masks to replenish their depleted resources. To continue this initiative, we’re leaning on you. Funding for materials, labor and distribution is coming directly from purchases that are made on Now, more than ever, we need your support.

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  • Are you selling some of the masks?
    My son and his wife are moving to New York and although hie has multiple brackish bow ties they both could use some masks

    I’m thinking yours would be more stylish
    They are not health care workers but I am and I’m worried about them

    Claudia Cavey on
  • Every time I wear one of my Brackish ties I get a compliment. Usually more than one. And so many guys know all about them. I have worn bow ties most of my life. Ever since boarding school days. Brackish is such a great products. As a designer I feel like I am helping to broaden the world of design by rah rahing Brackish. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Allen B. Hayes ASID

    Allen Hayes ASID on

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