Brackish began with a singular feather bow tie designed by Ben Ross and gifted to his groomsman, Jeff Plotner. Since its inception, the brand has blossomed into a full line of men's and women's accessories designed and hand-crafted in Charleston, SC with each piece focused on honoring the beauty found in nature.

In November of 2007 our co-founder, Ben (right), crafted turkey feather bow ties for the groomsmen in his wedding. Five years after the wedding, one of those groomsmen, Jeff (left), saw an opportunity in what Ben had created and the two partnered together to launch Brackish.

For the next several years, Ben and Jeff worked together to scale the growth of Brackish while staying true to the very first core value of the company: respectfully repurposing the beauty of nature. 

Brackish was born out of Jeff's apartment on Rutledge Avenue and has since grown into a much larger design studio across the Ashley River in Charleston, SC.

As our team grew, so did our design capabilities. We began incorporating feathers from peacocks, guineas, and pheasants, and we introduced two new product categories: Plum Thicket Pins and Cummerbunds.

From here, Brackish garnered attention on the red carpet for the first time by Bill Murray at the Oscars in 2014. Since then, our designs have been worn by Blake Lively, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cam Newton, Tony Shaloub and many more

All of this brings us to where we are today. Our men’s collection now includes bow ties, pocket squares, plum thicket pins, cummerbunds, and feather cufflinks & tux studs.

Meanwhile, our women’s collection (which launched in the fall of 2019) includes feather-adorned earrings, cuff bracelets and necklaces in a variety of eye-catching designs and trend-setting silhouettes.

It’s been a wild ride thus far and we’re thrilled for all that the future has in store for Brackish.


I cannot say enough about my experience with Brackish! I have become quite fond of their product and recently order myself a few pieces to add to my collection. Customer Service was so helpful to ensure the package was shipped in a way that worked for me. I am thrilled with my order, the help I received and the extra attention I was given. THANK YOU! I will be filling my cart again soon. You can never have enough Brackish! 

Gretchen B.


Brackish is a company that provides a unique and heart-filled product in a world where hollow, copy-and-paste goods tend to rule the market. For that alone, the company is exceptional. What sets them apart further is their customer service; their attention to detail and effort to capture and retain customer satisfaction is really too notch. Thank you, Brackish, for reminding us that the American dream of running a great company thrives!

Max C.