Hand-crafted. Hand-sewn. Hand-stamped. Hand-branded. Hand-packaged.

Every Brackish piece is carefully crafted by a team of artisans at our Charleston, SC design studio. Each piece takes between four and five hours to produce and passes through eight sets of hands before it reaches yours.
Here's how we do it...

Taking Stock

The first step in creation begins with our materials team. Before a single feather is laid, this team sorts and organizes our feather inventory.

Feather Design

Next, our team of artisans begin craftsmanship. Each feather is individually selected, trimmed, and placed on the base of the design.


Once the artisan has completed their feather assembly, the design is handed off to our quality team. Here, every design is inspected individually to ensure complete durability and functionality. This process happens once after the feathers have been applied, and again after the piece has been completed by our sewing and assembly team.

Sewing and Assembly

Once the piece has passed Quality Control, it moves to our sewing and assembly department. Here the center wrap is hand cut, pressed and sewn onto each bowtie, and all pocket squares and cummerbunds are completed. Our assembly team puts the finishing touches on most every piece of jewelry by applying the artisan's feather work to the hardware.

Packaging and Shipping

Once each design has gone through its final round of Quality Control it is passed to our packaging team. Before being packaged, each pine box is stamped and branded in house, and an individual name and information card is included with each design. Finally, the piece moves its way to our inventory room where our fulfillment team packs and ships all orders.

Live in Charleston or vacationing here soon?

Come visit our studio and we'll give you a tour where you'll have a front row seat to see the magic happen in real time.