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Brackish Backwater - The Cummerbund

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A nod to our name, and our roots, we’re heading to the backwater. In a literal sense, this is the part of a river not reached by the current - where the water is still. As it relates to our society today, our normal day-to-day motions have been brought to a halt. This has given us more time to sit and reflect on where we came from and how we got to where we are today.
From Left to Right: Bubba Ross (Ben's dad), Ben Ross (co-founder), Hamp Ross (Ben's brother)




For Brackish - it all started with a wedding and Ben’s first bow tie design which we now call the Original. As he was sitting at his dining room table, he noticed that the natural shape, conformation and tapering of a turkey feather matched that of a bow tie perfectly. From here, he made the first round of feather bow ties for the groomsmen in his wedding. What many may not know, however, is that Ben also crafted the first Brackish cummerbund at the same time. To distinguish his family from his friends at the wedding, Ben crafted complimentary cummerbunds for his dad and brother (as seen above).



While Ben’s original turkey feather cummerbund doesn’t live in our collection, many other show stopping designs do. Click here for a look at the full collection.


Interested in learning more about the background and story behind some of our favorite designs? Ben share’s more on our IGTV channel - here.

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