Purposeful Packaging– How to Care for Your Brackish Accessories

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The Significance of Our Packaging Materials

Each and every Brackish piece arrives in a carefully curated packaging ensemble that mirrors our values and celebrates our story. The journey begins with a pine box, adorned with our iconic B. The brand, which is hand-burned onto each box, is a nod to our co-founder Ben’s grandfather. Growing up, Ben watched him brand all of his most cherished personal belongings - from his wallet to his tackle box. 

The evolution of our branded B started with the use of the stove in Jeff’s apartment on Rutledge Ave. and soon transitioned to an open fire outside after one too many smoke alarms were set off. Following suit with our continuous push to innovate, we traded in the stove and fire pit, but kept the tradition alive by still hand branding each and every box using updated technology at our design studio. 

Inside each pine box, you’ll find a burlap insert, elegantly embracing your handcrafted accessory. The burlap is representative of oyster bags– symbolic of our home base in the Lowcountry as well as a familiar pastime for Jeff, being that his first job was shucking oysters at The Crab Trap while he was in high school.

While each packaging material holds a deeper meaning to our brand’s journey, they also serve a dual purpose and act as a safeguard to protect the delicate details of your Brackish accessories.

Caring for Your Brackish Piece

To ensure the longevity of your Brackish piece, we recommend following these simple care instructions: 

Store in the Pine Box

After each wear, return your piece back to its original pine box to protect it from dust, harsh sunlight and other potentially damaging elements. 

Handle with Care

While our quality and craftsmanship have greatly improved over the last decade through the use of innovative techniques for long-lasting wear, feathers are delicate by nature and should be gently handled to preserve the intricacy of each design. 

Avoid Direct Contact with Moisture

To preserve the beauty of your Brackish piece, avoid exposing it to water, creams or sprays. Be mindful to remove your accessories before swimming, showering, or engaging in activities that may cause excessive perspiration. 

Brackish Guarantee

We stand behind the durability and craftsmanship of our designs. However, if your feathers start to ruffle or your accessory requires repair, take advantage of our Brackish Guarantee. Register your piece on our website here to receive access to our complimentary repair service– allowing your piece to be rejuvenated and enjoyed for generations to come.


Every element of a Brackish accessory, from the meticulously handcrafted design to the thoughtfully curated packaging, has purpose and meaning that encapsulates our brand's very first core value: to respectfully repurpose the beauty of nature. As you unbox your next Brackish piece, we encourage you to take a closer look at the details. To you, it may just be a wooden box, but to us, it’s the story of who we are. 

For more information about our handcrafted process, please visit here

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