Signed, Sealed and Delivered– Meet Kenzie, Head of Fulfillment

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We’ve all been there. Anxiously awaiting a package, continuously refreshing the tracking number, hoping it arrives on time–or better yet, early. 

For over 5 years, Kenzie has been the final stop as each handcrafted piece makes its way from our studio to your doorstep. Her go-getter energy, attention to detail and ability to move at hyper-speed combine to make her a Fulfillment Force to be reckoned with. 

We sat down with Kenzie to get a behind-the-scenes look at the final moments before our products are loaded onto the truck and sent off on their way to patiently waiting customers. 

Take us through your day-to-day:

My role at Brackish is to run our fulfillment for both wholesale and direct customers, so my main focus is to ensure that all orders get to their final destinations all over the world in a timely and efficient manner. 

How does your role fit into the Brackish process?

I'm the last piece of the puzzle. Each Brackish product takes hours to craft and passes through 15 sets of hands before it gets to me and out the door. Before packing anything, I make sure to take a last look at each piece to ensure it’s perfect for our customers. 

What part do you enjoy the most?

The thing I enjoy most about working at Brackish is the fabulous and talented people I interact with every day. The dog-friendly environment is a pretty great perk too! 

On average, how many orders go out the door in one day? What is the most you've ever sent out in a day?

It’s such a variety depending on if I’m focused on wholesale partner orders or direct orders. The wholesale orders can be hundreds of units at a time whereas our online orders are one to two units but lots of boxes. Every day it can be anywhere between 35-75. The most... that's a tough one. I'd say close to 350 followed by a few margaritas after work ;)

What are your top 3 favorite Brackish pieces?

That's a hard question, but I would have to say the Jared bow tie, the Qulit pendant necklace, and the Prosoma earrings in shiny gold. 

When you're not at Brackish, what do you like to do? What other creative outlets do you utilize?

I have a 10-month-old Golden Retriever named Walter, so most of my time is spent chasing after socks, car keys, remote controls, and anything else not nailed to the floor that he's managed to swipe. When we aren't exploring unbeaten paths around the Lowcountry with Walter, my husband and I enjoy seeing live music, sipping on local brews, and firing up the grill.

Fulfillment is one of the most pivotal pillars of customer experience and it is no question that the countless positive reviews we see each and every day are a reflection of Kenzie’s effort and attention to detail. 

Next time you get your order on time or early, you can thank Kenzie!

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