While We Have Your Ear: What to Know About Our Newest Earring Collection

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We recently debuted our newest collection of accessories that includes four unique styles of earrings that add an entirely new statement silhouette to our varying line of jewelry. The vision for the Westmore, Bergan, Tang, and Hendrix earrings came rather naturally to our design team as crafting statement pieces is our forte. Ever since the beginning, Ben’s inspiration for the very first bow tie - the Original - was to create a piece that would be noticed and remembered. So, when approaching any new design or collection addition, this is the framework that our development team uses to start the project. Our team took to the challenge of adapting this new-found shape to embody the spirit of the Brackish customer and provide an eye-catching and quality product. What resulted from this endeavor was four new styles, simultaneously eccentric and refined, that were designed to allow the feathers to shine and sized perfectly to fit the tastes of our customers. These styles are notable additions to any jewelry collection… and we are so excited to finally get to tell you more about them!


The Design Elements 

To give the earrings more depth, both the Hendrix and Bergan were designed with goose feathers as the tapering of these feathers naturally presents more body giving the design a “fluffed” appearance. The Hendrix delicately comprises verdant green goose feathers and a neutral almond pheasant feather pattern, keeping the overall look vibrant without looking overdone. This set would pair well with a neutral look; we love them paired with white to truly allow the bright green to be celebrated. The Hendrix are the definition of “a pop of color”.

Goose and Pheasant Feathers


Similar in shape, yet completely opposing in colors, the Bergan is crafted with stark white goose feathers and taupe quail feathers. The soft neutral color palette allows the textures and shapes of the pair to catch eyes without being difficult to match or pair with a look. We love these for elevating your work or cocktail style, but we also know they will make incredible bridal accessories for the bride looking for white statement pieces. 

Goose and Quail Feathers


The Westmore’s peacock feathers are, of course, never lacking in brightness and power, so they were purposefully given a more leveled shape to let the colors speak for themselves. When determining what color ways we would ultimately land on, the design team knew they would be using peacock feathers in some capacity. The way the blues, greens, golds, and purples shine with iridescence in peacock feathers is unmatched, and no matter how many different types of the peacock’s feathers are used, the color combinations always work. This also makes for a bright pair that is easy to style, a win-win if you ask us. The multicolored hues will pick up an array of colors in your outfit and effortlessly work together to create a cohesive look. 

Peacock Feathers


Lastly, but certainly not least, Tang was designed with black turkey feathers laid at a diagonal to the hardware, creating sharp “peaks” in between each feather. This method, combined with layering guinea feathers, creates a fun, edgy vibe. The guinea feathers were chosen because no matter what, guinea designs are always a classic bestseller. There is nothing like a naturally occurring black and white polka dot… it is always in style! We envision these earrings being worn to a gala one night and then out to brunch the next morning. They are the most versatile of the collection, never lacking formality or flare, and the muted hues lend them to be virtually seasonless.   

Turkey and Guinea Feathers
Storied Accessories

Did you know every Brackish accessory is named after people, places, and things most important to our co-founder Ben? If you pay close attention, you can learn about all the wonderful stories near and dear to his heart. This earring collection is no different, as each earring was named after one of Mary Ann’s (Ben’s wife) best friends from college. Just like a group of friends, these four earrings are similar in style but vastly different in finesse and the feelings they evoke. 

From Left to Right: Tanya Tang, Leigh Anne Langley, Lindsay Willis, Jessa Stewart, Ashley McCrory, Mary Ann Ross

Craftsmanship and Care

While we usually try not to boast, we cannot deny that we might be the biggest QC experts in the game. We take a lot of pride in making sure that every piece that leaves our door does so as the best possible version of itself. To properly make the Hendrix, Bergan, Tang, and Westmore earrings, our team laboriously selects the correct size, color, and shape of feather so the product emerges perfectly. Each earring’s featherway is secured to a natural leather backing so the earrings consistently retain their shape. The designs are secured to a 24K gold plated post to accommodate sensitive ears and sustain the life of the pieces. 

Although with proper care the pieces should remain in good condition, fraying may occur. If that happens, gently swipe the feathers with your finger, moving from hardware to the edge. We recommend keeping your earrings in the suede-lined jewelry bag and pine box they come packaged in. This will preserve the life of your earrings for years to come. 


Choosing Your Earrings 

Can’t decide on a pair? We’re happy to help! Our Charleston-based concierge excels at listening to your needs and helping you decide on the right pair for you (or the person you are buying for). Shoot us an email at, or give us a call / send us a text  843.469.8833. 

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