A Celebration of 200 Years

Over the years, MUSC has played a pivotal role in advancing health care and medical research. Established in 1824 as the Medical College of South Carolina, the organization faced challenges while continually evolving with the times to become a globally renowned medical institution. Today, it stands as a leader in health care, education, and research – a beacon of excellence that is shaping the future of medicine.

Brackish was founded, and continues to operate, in Charleston, SC. As part of our continued commitment to give back to our community, we are partnering with MUSC to honor this incredible milestone. With every purchase of these custom celebratory pieces, we will donate a portion of the sale to The Bicentennial Scholorship Fund which supports the next generation of health care providers and leaders as they continue their education.

Colors That Inspire

  • Inspired by the 200-year continuum, each color in the design has a special meaning. The black and gold embrace the deep roots in medical education, while the vibrant blue acknowledges today's missions of clinical care, innovative education and ground breaking research.
  • Crafted to coordinate, this stunning bow tie and wide cuff pairing features all-natural, sustainably sourced pheasant, peacock, goose and turkey feathers.

The Future is Bright

  • With the continued commitment to innovation, MUSC is constantly looking towards the future of healthcare and the advancements in education.
  • In support, Brackish will donate a portion of every purchase from the Then, Now, Next Collection to the Bicentennial Scholarship Fund - supporting the next generation of health care providers and leaders who will continue to challenge the status quo and change what's possible in the medical community.