An All-Natural Collaboration

"As a long time member of Ducks Unlimited, I am honored to bring an exclusive collection designed specifically for this incredible organization and the members of the President's Council. Creating wearable works of art out of feathers means that we are direct recipients of all the work that DU does to conserve wildlife habitats. The natural alignment of our brands and continued efforts focused on sustainability make this partnership an exciting one, and we are proud to donate a portion of the sales from this collection to support your efforts."

- Ben Ross, Brackish Co-Founder

Mother Nature's Paintbrush

  • Inspired by the pristine landscapes that Ducks Unlimited works to conserve, the naturally warm palette is representative of the colors displayed when the sun hits the American plains.
  • Crafted to coordinate, each design is created using a variety of pheasant feathers paired with deep rust rooster feathers for all-natural style.

An Inspired Collection

  • Each of the six pieces is named to honor some of the special people and places in the Ducks Unlimited community. From Waterfowl Habitats to President Chuck Smith, each design has a unique story to tell.
  • To aid in the continued efforts of the organization, Brackish will donate a portion of every sale of the Presidents Council's Collection back to Ducks Unlimited.