Coots Cummerbund
Coots Cummerbund
Coots Cummerbund
Coots Cummerbund
Coots Cummerbund

Coots Cummerbund


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Designed to complement our best-selling Edisto bow tie, Coots is crafted with emerald green pheasant, black and white pheasant, and charcoal grey and white guinea feathers.

  • Each cummerbund is 24.5" long and 5.5" high not including adjustable elastic bands with hook closures.
  • Fits as is up to 45" around waist with extra seam allowance on both sides for tailored expansion if needed.
  • Individual ribbing is hand stitched for the classic pleated look and a high-quality grosgrain, satin and linen blend fabric is used for the backing.
  • Each feather used in production is all-natural and sustainably sourced.
  • Feathers for each cummerbund are hand-selected, giving each piece a unique coloring. 
  • Each cummerbund is hand-crafted in Charleston, South Carolina and takes approximately 20 hours to make, start to finish.
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The Story

Coots is named after the legendary Coots Bar and Grill that was located on the pier at Edisto Beach. Coots brings back many childhood memories for Ben that were spent at Coots Bar and Grill. 

Like all of our cummerbunds, Coots takes around 20 hours to make, start to finish. Each feather is hand selected and is applied on the design one-by-one. Create an iconic statement by pairing this cummerbund with our Edisto bow tie, Big Bay pocket square and Deke plum thicket pin. 

This design is sold exclsuively online.


  • Each cummerbund arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box.
  • A list of the feathers used in craftmanship and instructions on how to care for your cummerbund are included.

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