Brackish X Mignonne Gavigan Exclusive Collaboration

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Unveiling a Fusion of Nature and Fashion

Celebrate the limitless potential found in the unexpected with our newest collection in collaboration with Mignonne Gavigan. This unique assortment of handcrafted men’s and women’s accessories is the embodiment of our shared passion in finding beauty in nature while redefining statement accessories. 

The link between Brackish and Mignonne Gavigan originates from our founders’ remarkable and similar stories of accidental discovery, each sparking a visionary journey that would ultimately lead them to where they are today. Brackish began when co-founder Ben Ross was envisioning a unique gift for his groomsmen and noticed the silhouette of a turkey feather mimics that of a bow tie, while Mignonne Gavigan’s roots are equally as serendipitous. Founder Maggie harnessed her artistic intuition when, as a dress designer, she transformed a fallen piece of embellished fabric into a captivating neckpiece kindling the spark of the brand’s first design. 

Picture of Brackish co-founder's Ben and Jeff and Mignonne Gavigan founder, Maggie wearing pieces from their collaborative collection.

“The opportunity to partner with an innovative and like-minded company, one that shares a similarly unique approach to fashion, is exciting” says Brackish Co-Founder, Jeff Plotner. “Working together on these exclusive designs is a testament to the limitless potential that can be found in the unexpected. Our dedication to repurposing nature’s beauty aligns seamlessly with Mignonne Gavigan’s vision of reinventing accessories.”  

Maggie, Founder of Mignonne Gavigan, adds a similar sentiment. “I’ve been drawn to the beautiful artistry of the Brackish bow ties for years now. I felt very aligned with them on two things; one, drawing on nature as their inspiration and two, the care with which they build each piece.”

The Brackish X Mignonne Gavigan collection unveils three striking accessory pairs, featuring coordinated handcrafted earrings and bow ties. Each set is crafted from collaborative color and style inspiration, combining the meticulous feather work of Brackish and exceptionally elegant hardware designs from Mignonne Gavigan. 

Westminster & Kewanna

Crafted with quail and goose feathers– this pink, white and taupe duo will make a light and refreshing addition to any look. The Westminster bow tie uses an asymmetrical technique to draw your eye from the soft outer edges to the center of natural, intricate patterns of quail feathers. The Kewanna double-sided earring features a halo of approximately 65 goose feathers to show off your feather flair from any angle.

The names are a nod to the recent 50th wedding anniversary of Jeff’s parents, honoring milestones in their relationship. Westminster is the church in which they were married while Kewanna is the street where they bought their first house together. 

Franklin & Charlotte

Showcasing a rich palette of emerald and brown pheasant feathers, offset by dotted guinea edges, this pair exudes seasonal sophistication. The Franklin draws inspiration from the distinct layered look of many classic, feather-favorite bow ties, like the Edisto and River Wind. The Charlotte is crafted with 60 wispy guinea feathers on the edges to give you a soft, yet statement-making look.

Maggie took this opportunity to honor her two homes - Franklin (Street) being her longtime address in New York City and Charlotte paying homage to her cherished hometown in North Carolina.

Fielding & Alice

This show-stopping duo is crafted from iridescent, jewel-toned peacock feathers to boast a bold statement that is sure to turn heads. Artfully arranged green and blue peacock feathers come together in the Fielding to form a mirrored checkerboard pattern framed by iridescent plumes of gold. The Alice features meticulously hand-cut peacock feathers around the center ring surrounded by luminous golden peacock fans. 

The names of this final pair, are a tribute to the love and appreciation Ben has for family. With this partnership, he brings Maggie into the Brackish family naming these pieces Fielding and Alice after her son and mother. 

It was an honor to work alongside Maggie and the Mignonne Gavigan team to transcend the boundaries of conventional accessory design while remaining united under our shared commitment to transform the unexpected into something extraordinary. The full collection is now available to shop here

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