Redefining Wearable Art with New Materials from INVERSA

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New season, new materials. As a part of our Fall Collection, we introduced a new sourcing partnership with INVERSA, a materials company that turns invasive species into luxury leather. Through this partnership, we designed three distinct earring silhouettes that seamlessly blend our signature featherwork with innovative lionfish leather–reflecting the shared commitment of repurposing the beauty of nature. 


INVERSA’s mission is to restore biodiversity and heal the planet through fashion. Their impact-driven approach is evident through the critical work they do in mitigating the invasion of non-native lionfish that are threatening ecosystems in the Caribbean basin. Their efforts help revive coral reefs by saving up to 70,000 native species for every lionfish removal. 

Speaking about the partnership, Brackish co-founder Ben Ross shares, “This new relationship represents a significant step for Brackish as we continue to innovate our material assortment. Teaming up with INVERSA, a brand with values so naturally aligned with Brackish, allows us to add a new textural element with lionfish leather into our classic designs, embracing the beauty of nature in fresh, sustainable and unexpected ways.” 

Kahan Chavda, INVERSA co-founder adds, “Brackish’s commitment to sustainability is what we see in the future of fashion, and it’s always a pleasure to work with first adopters to explore what regenerative products can be. Brackish and INVERSA both hold the core ethos of repurposing the beauty found only in nature, and this partnership is representative of those shared values.”

This partnership to redefine wearable art and forge innovative paths in sustainable fashion recently caught the attention of The Wall Street Journal.

Explore the Collection

Bristol Bay

A luxe statement piece, the Bristol Bay combines opulent sapphire goose feathers with a Lionfish leather bezel adorned with texture, creating a sophisticated and visually striking statement piece.


Classically monochromatic but with a textural twist, the Chandalar hoops feature bezeled designs made from luxuriously rich blue Lionfish leather inlays, highlighting the innate charm of this inventive material.


The Boswell earring incorporates a lavish blue Lionfish leather inlay, impeccably displaying its natural texture and offering a distinctive monochromatic style.

The collection is not only a testament to the aligned values of both our brands, but also a demonstration of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and embracing new opportunities to showcase our esteemed craftsmanship. Shop the full lionfish leather collection here. 

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