The Kentucky Derby 150th Anniversary Collection

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The thrill of thundering hooves, the iconic run for the roses, and the tradition that spans over a century – the Kentucky Derby is more than just a horse race; it's a celebration of style, grace, and timeless elegance. We have partnered with Churchill Downs to bring you an official Kentucky Derby collection for the 150th Anniversary that is set to enhance and elevate Derby fashion as you know it. We crafted a collection inspired by the rich heritage of this iconic event and the vibrant fashion seen trackside in Louisville. This partnership is not just about accessories; it’s a celebration of tradition, elegance and the spirit of the Kentucky Derby. 

The Meriwether - named after track founder Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. - honors the 150th Kentucky Derby with a Brackish twist. Turkey feathers are hand-laid to create the iconic horseshoe design, while a vibrant pop of red pays homage to the 'Garland of Roses'.

A Feathered Tradition

Fashion has always been an indispensable part of the Kentucky Derby, where the grandstands are as much a runway as they are a viewing platform. Attendees flaunt their most exquisite ensembles complete with everything from big and bold hats to the whimsy of feathered fascinators. Feathers have been a staple of Derby style for decades– symbolizing grace, opulence, and a touch of Southern Charm. We have seamlessly integrated this timeless tradition into modern, handcrafted accessories that are a nod to the vibrant fashion scene at Churchill Downs, where bold style choices are not only encouraged but celebrated.

The Churchill & Grandstand (pictured left) - inspired by the vibrant jockey silks - are crafted with white, red and blue goose feathers that pair perfectly with rich golden pheasant.

Place Your Bets on Brackish

Wondering how to incorporate Brackish feather accessories into your Derby style? We’ve got you covered. For gentlemen, make one of our bow ties the focal point of your dapper ensemble. Pair it with a classic suit or even a seersucker blazer for that quintessential Derby charm. For the ladies, complete your fit with our voluminous earrings, crafted to make a statement. Whether you are headed to the track or your own Derby party, we encourage you to mix and match colors, experiment with textures, and let your creativity run wild as you put together your winning look.

The Jockey Club Collection- paying homage to the iconic jockey fashion - features four striking accessories, the Churchill, Julep, Grandstand and Burgoo.

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