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Mastering the Art of Self-Clasping: A Guide to Putting on Brackish Bar Bracelets

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Putting on bracelets with clasps can be a real challenge, especially when you're in a hurry and have no one around to lend a helping hand. Fortunately, there are creative and practical ways to make this process easier. In this guide, we'll explore two simple methods using everyday items like tape and paper clips to help you effortlessly put on your new Brackish bar bracelets by yourself.

Method 1: Use Tape

Step 1: Bracelet Placement

It usually helps to rest your hand, palm facing down, against a table or counter to steady it, so you don’t have to worry about the bracelet falling. When you place the bracelet on your wrist, center the feather panel on top of your wrist. Have the end without the clasp on the inside of your wrist closest to your thumb and pull the other end with the clasp around the outside and under to wrap it around your wrist.

INSIDE TIP: When you’re placing the bracelet on your hand, avoid setting it down so the end is right in the middle of your wrist because it’s more likely to fall off in that position. Set it down so the end of the bracelet is near the end of your wrist, closest to the other hand.

Step 2: Apply Tape

Place a piece of tape over the bracelet. Make sure to use a large enough piece of tape to firmly secure the jewelry to your wrist. It’s best to place the tape just behind the end of the bracelet, so that part is especially secure.

INSIDE TIP: You can use any type of tape that you have at home, but try to find an option that won’t leave any residue behind on your bracelet or tear at your skin when you peel it off. Basic invisible tape, such as Scotch Tape, actually works best for this purpose.

Step 3: Secure the Clasp

Secure the clasp with your free hand. With the tape holding the bracelet in place against your wrist, you can easily wrap the bracelet around your wrist and close the clasp with your opposite hand. Once the bracelet is secure, simply pull off the tape and discard.

INSIDE TIP: If you’re having any trouble closing the clasp, make sure to keep the hand that you’re putting the jewelry on braced against the table or counter so it remains steady.

Method 2: Use a Paperclip 

Step 1: Shape the Paperclip

Bend a paperclip to open it. Use your fingers to gently pry it apart and completely unbend it so only one “hook” remains. It’s important to choose a paper clip that’s large enough. When you unbend it, it should be long enough that you can create at least one hook that reaches your wrist while you’re holding it between your fingers.

INSIDE TIP: If you don’t have a paper clip of the right size at home, you can use other common household items such as a bobby pin or picture hanging wire that you can shape to use as a hook.

Step 2: Hook Bracelet End

​Hook your chosen tool through the end of the bracelet. You want to slip the tool through the ring loop at the end of the bracelet without the clasp. That will allow you to hold that end in place as you grasp the clasp with the other hand. Place the unhooked end of the paper clip in the palm of your hand that you wish to wear the bracelet on and grab a hold of it with your fingers. 

INSIDE TIP: Take care when you’re hooking the paper clip through your bracelet so you don’t scratch the jewelry.

Step 3: Secure the Clasp

Close the clasp with your free hand. With the bracelet hooked, your reach is extended so it’s easier to wrap the jewelry around your wrist with your other hand and secure the clasp. Remember to unhook the paperclip from the bracelet’s ring loop before you head out to the door, though.

INSIDE TIP: Don’t toss out the tool when you’re done–  keep it in your jewelry box for the next time you need to put on a bracelet without assistance. 

Method 3: Purchase a Specialty Tool

The best known specialty tool is the Bracelet Buddy, but there are a few brands on the market. These tools, equipped with a plastic handle and an alligator clip, offer a hassle-free solution to clasping your bracelet securely, eliminating the need for assistance. You can purchase bracelet fastening tools on a variety of websites, including Amazon.

Mastering the art of self-clasping has never been more achievable with the inventive techniques shared in this guide. Whether utilizing tape, a paperclip, or purchasing a specialty tool, these practical solutions empower you to effortlessly wear your Brackish bar bracelets independently. Shop all three of our unique bar bracelet designs here:

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