Cheers to 10 Years

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At the heart of our brand, we strive to respectfully repurpose the beauty found in nature into one-of-a-kind accessories to be worn as you celebrate life’s most joyous moments big and small. This year, we are overjoyed to be celebrating three major milestones in the brand’s history: 10 years since the inception of the Brackish brand, 15 years of blissful marriage between Ben and Mary Ann and the wedding tie that started it all, and 25 years since our founders met at Wofford College - the beginning of a lifelong friendship. 

Ben & Jeff at Ben's wedding wearing the first-ever feather bow ties

10 years ago, Brackish Bowties was born out of Jeff’s apartment on Rutledge Avenue with the iconic Original bow tie and a focus on men’s style. We have since expanded and evolved into a full line of men’s and women’s luxury accessories which ultimately led to the name change from Brackish Bowties to Brackish in 2021. To commemorate the 10 year anniversary, we went back to our bow tie roots and crafted a beautiful new design, appropriately named “Cheers”.

Ben & Jeff with the first collection of Brackish bow ties.

The Cheers tie is designed to honor the brand’s history, with each feather being specifically chosen for its meaning to the brand. Starting at the center knot we feature iridescent turkey, the feather that started it all. Taking its cue from the first ever bow tie that Ben created, the turkey feather is one that has a very special meaning to the brand. Working our way out you’ll find blue lady amhurst to represent the salty Atlantic Ocean of Jeff’s upbringing, white goose to mimic the shoreline where the ocean meets the land, then spotted guinea signifying the towns and treasures found throughout our beautiful state. From there we transition into green lady amhurst highlighting the rolling hills of the upstate where Ben grew up, and finally utilizing the venery pheasant to replicate the reflection of the day’s last light against the horizon. 


Named simply for the celebratory nature of this tie, Cheers instantly invokes good times with family, friends, and in this case, feathers. This tie honors our roots and rejoices in the future and it is our hope that you raise a glass every time you tell the story of this tie and its name.

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