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Here’s the Stitch– Meet Kourtney, our Head of Sewing

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Every Brackish piece is carefully crafted and is passed between at least 8 different sets of hands before reaching our end customer. From sorting the feathers, to crafting the designs, to packaging and shipping, every part of our process plays an integral role in providing our customers with an exceptional experience and a piece to keep with them for generations to come. 

We're highlighting a lesser-known, but essential step in our process - sewing. From bow ties and pocket squares to statement-making cummerbunds, many of our signature men’s silhouettes are brought to life by the Sewing Department. 

For almost a year, Kourtney has been lighting up every room she enters here at Brackish. Her unmistakably bright personality is paired with passionate creativity and tedious precision in her role as Head of Sewing.

Take us through your day-to-day as the Head of Sewing at Brackish 

Each and every day is a new and exciting process. Since all our products are handcrafted, I am always on the edge of my seat to see what pieces I get to work on day-to-day. I spend most of my hours measuring patterns, cutting fabric, machine sewing, and hand sewing bow ties, pocket squares, and cummerbunds. I wrap up each day by adding the finishing touch, a personalized label to our products to seal the deal. 

How does your role fit into the Brackish process? 

As the Head of Sewing, I touch almost every piece of fabric that goes through the company. We value quality craftsmanship and handle each item with care. I use my creative eye to ensure that every unique, handmade accessory is sewn to its utmost beautiful quality.

What part do you enjoy the most during your sewing process?

I enjoy piecing together our cummerbunds and seeing them come to life from start to finish. One singular cummerbund takes me around 8-10 hours to sew, but it is so magical to see the feathers transform into a beautiful, wearable piece. 

What are your favorite pieces to work on? 

That is a hard question, but I would have to say the Pheasant patterned cummerbund. The feathers have an iridescent shine to them that has an ethereal beauty. I also find our Wallace multicolor bow tie to be extraordinary. I get lost in the details of each feather and admire how each one complements the other!

When you’re not sewing feather accessories, what do you like to do? What other creative outlets do you utilize?

I consider myself a fashion creative. I enjoy creating concepts and designs for my personal design aesthetic. I enjoy illustrating clothing collections, creating editorials, and constructing garments. Here is one of my favorite collections in my portfolio: 

The attention to detail that goes into each and every step of our process is what has helped form Brackish into the successful brand it is today. While feathers are at our forefront, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes to create a Brackish accessory.

"Our product and process is light years ahead of where it was when we started, and our breadth of expertise as it pertains to artistic craftsmanship is something that has evolved over the years," says co-founder, Jeff Plotner. 

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