An Eye for Design- Meet Courtney, Our Design & Creative Lead

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We often talk about our process of handcrafting our unique line of accessories, but the work doesn’t stop after the final piece is boxed and placed on our shelves. This month, we are highlighting the creative mind behind our Brackish branding, Courtney. 

For over 3 years, Courtney has brought the Brackish story to life through her creativity and multifaceted storytelling. Her attention to detail and eye for design play an integral role in where we are as a brand today. When she's not cracking an unexpected joke and filling the office with laughter, she's hard at work capturing the essence of Brackish through a variety of mediums.

How long have you been at Brackish and what is your role?

I have been working at Brackish for a little over 3 years, and I’m the Design & Creative Lead on our Marketing Team.

Can you take us through your day to day?

In short, my role is to ensure that our communication and creative efforts are aligned with the Brackish brand standards. My day to day primarily consists of design work on our marketing materials and campaigns, in conjunction with the rest of the Marketing & Social Team. I also work closely with our Development Team to generate seasonal catalogs and supplementary collateral, and I often collaborate with our Wholesale Team to coordinate branded communication to our retail partners.

Walk us through what your role is during the Brackish photoshoots:

In preparation for our major collection releases, we have seasonal Brackish photoshoots that involve an assortment of moving parts. In an effort to maintain brand consistency, my role in these shoots begins long before we make our way on-set. I assist my team in model selection, location scouting and, of course, creative planning once the new designs have been perfected by our incredibly talented team of Designers and Artisans. As we head into shoot-day, my role shifts behind the screen. Here, I lay eyes on every image to make sure our pieces are shown in their best light and that every intricate detail is captured to its full potential. These photoshoots are an exciting change of pace that have allowed me to explore areas of not only our craft but also our beautiful city of Charleston– that I otherwise would have missed.

Just last year, we went through a rebranding from Brackish Bow Ties to Brackish, can you talk a little about the importance of your role in that process? 

Our rebranding to Brackish was a milestone in which I’m incredibly proud to have played even a small part. I joined the team in the summer of 2019, right before we launched our very first women’s collection. Needless to say, that was a pivotal moment in our brand’s history– and I feel that the rebrand is reflective of that transition while remaining true to our storied roots. Throughout the rebranding journey, I assisted primarily in the website update that was launched in tandem with the transition from Brackish Bow Ties to Brackish. This site update not only featured a fresh look, but also optimized the shopping experience for our customers. We received a great response, and we’re always seeking new opportunities to improve the brand experience from start to finish.

Where do you get your inspiration from for the Brackish imagery and creative assets?

My inspiration for our creative assets and imagery is truly generated by our story. Our brand has blossomed from one, meaningful feather bow tie between friends into a complete accessory spread for both men and women, and that process colors every piece of creative that crosses my desk. It’s my intent that our communication efforts speak to the heart of our beginnings and our commitment to respectfully repurpose the beauty found in nature, while also reflecting our artisan craftsmanship and the elevated sensibilities of our work. Brackish represents approachable luxury, with a soul – and that’s what I strive to convey in my work here.

What is your favorite part of working at Brackish?

The element I appreciate most here at Brackish is creative freedom. There’s an underlying openness to new ideas and creativity that I find allows all of our team to continue innovating and moving forward.

What are your top 3 favorite men’s and women’s pieces?

My style trends toward classic, neutral hues and understated silhouettes. With that said, my top 3 favorite men’s pieces would be the Grey Bobwhite bow tie, the Papadopoulos bow tie and the Carew Pocket Square. Meanwhile, my top 3 women’s pieces are currently the Lavin drop earrings, the Ocean Song multi-bezel cuff and the Rio stud earrings (for a dainty pop of color).

When you aren’t working on Brackish creative projects, what do you enjoy doing? Are there any other creative outlets that you use?

When my mind strays from all things feather-related, I can usually be found spending time with my family over classic southern foods (give me all the mac & cheese, please) with my favorite go-to show, Smallville, on in the background. I also enjoy playing in local pick-up sports leagues, and when I’m feeling a little extra creative– you can find me behind the easel (painting all the florals my heart desires).

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