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Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Brackish Team on

At Brackish, we know a thing or two about finding the perfect, unique gift for your special someone. It's not a coincidence that our brand was born 15 years ago from the spirit of gift giving. We've rounded up a guide to our favorite holiday picks for everyone on your list, no matter what their style. From stocking stuffers to splurge-worthy silhouettes, these are guaranteed to get it just right.


The Classic Gentlemen 

If his style embodies the timeless elements of staple menswear with a modern twist, these classic pieces will add depth and dimension to the traditional black tie look.

 St. Pierre / Guinea 2.0 / River Wind / Connecticut / Bear Cufflinks / Rice / Lincoln

The Outdoorsman

If he has a deep appreciation for natural elements and neutral hues, look no further than these feather favorites.


The Bright & Bold

If he is the life of every party, donning vibrant hues and statement-making patterns, these bright and bold styles will have him turning heads at every function.

Rosebud / Ike / DuPre / Match Me / Fripp Cufflinks / Hammock / Peacock 


Refined Elegance

If her style evokes timeless class to match her distinguished persona, these refined black and white classics bring chicness and sophistication to the next level.

Naturally Neutral

If she appreciates subtle details and keeps her ensemble sleek & simple with muted hues, gift a piece that showcases the unique patterns found in nature.

New Dawn / Forever Young / Deset / Jules / Wallowa / Brandi Thin / Tini

Statement Flair

If she brightens every room with her bold personality and style to match, these vibrant hues and striking patterns are sure to make a statement with any outfit.

Arav / Luxor / Lybrand Petite / Amnesia / Deich / Lishumi Thin / Leigh

The Gift of Choice

If you are having trouble selecting the right piece– give the gift of choice. Our gift certificates are available in a variety of formats.

No matter what you choose, your special someone will love it because it came from you. Shop all gift-worthy accessories here



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