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To give you an inside look into our upcoming fall launch, members of the Brackish team from all departments have shared their thoughts on the collection inspiration, materials, design development and more. The countdown to 09/01 is on - mark your calendars.


What excites you most about our fall collection? Where did the names come from?

“The fall season is a season of change and preparation for the winter to follow.  To me there has never been a more important fall season.  As we all long for a change and a return to normal, and as we prepare to begin to attend gatherings, weddings and events; the word that comes to my mind is thankfulness.  Thankful for togetherness, thankful for community, family and friends. This collection celebrates and is named after just that - family, friends, favorite destinations and the places along the way! Here’s to seeing ya out there!” - Ben, Co-Founder


When designing this collection, what was your inspiration? 

“For our fall collection I was inspired by classic sophistication, but with a Brackish twist. For our women’s line, definitely going back to Brackish roots and paying homage to featherways I love and have proven to be top hits with our men’s collection. For our men’s line I’m very excited to be introducing pieces that combine other mediums to our artisanship. Incorporating snakeskin with our feather-art is a natural progression of respectfully repurposing the beauty of nature.” - Lorna, Design Director


We’re introducing several new categories - can you give us the inside scoop on what customers can expect? 

"For the men's collection, we are introducing a cuff bracelet that will lend itself as a more everyday accessory as opposed to our more 'occasion focused' pieces that we currently offer. These cuffs will be offered in two different hardware finishes with three different feather designs. And for the women’s collection - we’ve expanded our earring and cuff offerings by adding two additional earring styles and a bezel cuff that is adorned with feathers on both ends. It’s lightweight and great for pairing with our existing cuff collection, but can also be worn as a standalone piece."  - Kate, Director of Merchandising


Our fall collection introduces several feathers that we’ve never utilized before. Do any stand out to you? 

“We’re introducing a blue pheasant feather that is amazing. The various shades of aqua, gold and green that show through include a subtle combination of neutrals with just a bit of color, shimmer and iridescence.” - Haley, Production Manager


This collection includes techniques that are new to our skill set. How have these discoveries differentiated this collection from the rest?

“With the introduction of our women's jewelry line last year, our team of artisans had to adapt to using feather techniques and applications on a very small surface area.  This forced us to simplify the designs themselves, while also retaining flair and classic style.  With the introduction of our fall collection this year, you can see the simplicity carry over into other products, including men's bow ties.  'Less is more' isn't always true, but I think it is an apt term to describe our newest line of products.” - Bryn, Head of Training


How do our core values come into play with this collection? 

Given the current environment, staying true to our core values is more important than ever. We encountered a significant amount of hurdles while developing this collection but, as always, we've led with our artistic craftsmanship. Our core values are the foundation that everything else leans on and allows us freedom to innovate every day. This collection reflects that.” - Jeff, Co-Founder


If you had to describe this collection in one word, what would it be? 

“In a word, I’d say “elevated” - not only are the actual feather ways elevated and classy, but also the new silhouettes are bringing our full collection up to a new level.” - Courtney, Graphic Designer

This season's collections are fluid and inventive.  I think customers will be surprised and delighted by the new additions of materials and designs. - Brooke, Wholesale Account Manager

“Revolutionary. Every piece in this collection involves something new that we’ve never tried before and our design team has identified new techniques that have completely transformed how we approach innovation.” - Anna Lane, Marketing Coordinator


As our wedding specialist - what can our newly engaged couples expect from this collection? 

“Our fall collection this year introduces pieces that align perfectly with the ever changing wedding climate. The designs are easily versatile between black tie and backyard weddings as traditions continue to pivot, and we have created designs to accommodate all types of celebrations. Our hope is for you to cherish these pieces and continue to wear for years to come. (Ladies and gentlemen, alike!)” - Caroline, Customer Service Guru & Wedding Specialist


There are several designs in this collection that take us back to our roots. As our feather guru and someone who’s been here since the beginning - how does this play into our story?

“The new collection is a stunning take on the very feathers that caught Ben and Jeff's eyes almost a decade ago.  Capturing the brilliance of these feathers in a new way speaks to who we are as a company, and our core values - to keep innovating and strive to be better than before. Our design team and amazing staff continue to do just that on a daily basis. They have come up with an enticing collection that is reminiscent of our early days, and perfectly shows just how much we have grown throughout the years.” - Tav, Materials Controller 


We may or may not be (*hint hint*) introducing two entirely new materials in this collection. What’s so special about these materials as it relates to our designs? 

“If I had to rate our new materials - they’re an easy 10/10. Both are naturally slithering and every aspect of the medium is fascinating. We’re able to use every inch of these materials - even parts that wouldn’t normally be visible because of how unique the palette is.” - Laurie, Manager of Inventory and Strategic Buying


Out of all 53 new products that we’re releasing, what’s your favorite to craft? 

"My favorite piece from the new collection is a pair of our statement earrings. They’re made with turkey feathers that have an almost metallic sheen, and we’ve architecturally shaped them so it’s almost like piecing together a puzzle every time I assemble one." - Cailyn, Production Artisan

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