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Kate, Director of Merchandising, is here to give us the inside scoop on our fall women’s collection. She set the framework for design which led this collection to be one of our most show stopping creations yet.


What new product categories are we adding to our women’s collection this fall?

"For the fall collection for women’s we’re launching three new categories, all of which are crafted with our 24kt gold plating. We’re adding a beautiful new bezel style. It’s more of a minimalistic, dainty style which has feathers adorned on the top and the bottom. We’re also introducing a drop earring that is super lightweight, and a hoop for everyday wear."


What excites you the most about our fall women’s collection?

"How our women’s line is evolving is what excites me the most about this collection. Our bezel cuff speaks not only to customers who love to stack bracelets, but also to women who just want that one added accessory to complete their outfit. The drop earrings we’re introducing give us an opportunity to showcase our unique feather designs given a larger design area, and the hoops offer a bit more interest to what is typically a more understated accessory."


Where are our fall designs made? And what are they made of?

"Our products are handcrafted by artisans in Charleston, SC. Each piece takes between three and four hours to make and goes through nearly eight sets of hands to ensure it meets Brackish quality standards. The feathers are all natural and are sustainably sourced and for this Fall collection, the feathers range from peacock, to turkey to guinea feathers - all offering their unique beauty. All hardware is 24k gold plated and the earring posts are nickel free."


What vibe were you going for with these new categories? 

"When designing this collection our team focused on adding styles that we felt were an immediate need for our female customers. These styles speak to women who like understated accessories, as well as women who enjoy adding a statement piece into their everyday lifestyle."

How does the fall women’s collection speak to the Brackish roots?

"It was important to us in this collection that we highlighted the feather that started it all - turkey feathers. We took inspiration from the very first bow tie design, Original, and created pieces that highlight their natural shape, confirmation and tapering. We also took inspiration from a design that our co-founder, Ben Ross, designed himself - the Edisto. The combination of pheasant and guinea feathers in this design create a bold and intricate statement piece."


How would you style these new designs?

"The best part about our new product categories is that depending on the time of day, and the outfit you’re wearing, they lend themselves to be extremely versatile. The bezel cuff, for example, pairs great with our existing cuff styles, but it’s thin enough to be added to your existing stackable collection that you have at home. For the drop earring, they’re easy to dress up and down. Today I’m wearing them with a black silk dress, but I easily pair them with a white button down and jeans. The hoops (which we’re keeping a surprise) speak for themselves. You can add them to your existing hoop collection, or replace them because they add that pop of color - perfect for all the Zoom calls you’re doing."


What differentiates these styles from our current offerings?

"Each season we challenge ourselves by entering the design process with a mindset of continuous innovation. These styles use feathers that are new to our wheelhouse and design techniques that are extremely intricate, which together have created some of our most striking designs yet."  


What fall piece are you most excited to wear this season? 

"They’re all so great I can’t narrow it down to one. So, for me, it’s our Campbell drop earrings and our Huntley stud earrings. Campbell is crafted with three shades of peacock feathers which I love, and the Huntley uses turkey feathers that are naturally warm and iridescent."


For those who may not own a piece of Brackish jewelry yet, what design would you recommend they start with? 

"I would recommend starting with a pair of our stud earrings. They’re easily our best selling women’s design and they’re so easy to wear with any and every outfit."

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