The Go-To Guys– Meet Matt and Paul, the Purchasing and Inventory Team

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You’ve heard us talk about the talented artisans that handcraft our unique accessories, but there is a lot that happens behind the scenes in order for our operations to run smoothly. This month, we are highlighting two key individuals that help keep Brackish running like a well oiled machine– Matt and Paul.

Matt and Paul, or the “Go-To Guys”, play an integral role in the organization and execution of our process. When they aren’t hard at work in the warehouse tracking inventory, working with suppliers, sorting hardware, or engraving boxes, you can find them always willing to help the team with whatever needs to be done. 

How long have you been at Brackish and what is your role? 

Matt: I started in October 2022 and I was brought on as the Purchasing and Sourcing Specialist. 

Paul: I started at Brackish in October 2021, a little over 15 months now. Initially, I was hired on as a production assistant, but recently I was promoted to Inventory Assistant.

Take us through your day to day?

M: I like to get in early, check any emails from the previous afternoon and evening. I’ll look to see what orders I can expect to be delivered for that day and update the team with any urgent information. I spend a lot of the day working with Paul in the warehouse to identify items we are getting low on and will react accordingly.   

P: My day starts with checking and updating any of the spreadsheets I manage. I then start resupplying artisans with any items they might need, select hardware for any upcoming orders, brand & engrave boxes, as well as help out wherever needed.

How does your role fit into the Brackish process? 

M: Along with ensuring that we have plenty of raw material in our warehouse and keeping up with active purchase orders, I’ll be taking on some other responsibilities as well. One of the major changes at Brackish this year will be the implementation of new backend systems. With my experience and knowledge, I’ll be part of the implementation team to ensure we have a smooth transition. 

P: Most of my role is keeping track of inventory so there’s no chance that our artistic process is brought to a halt by an absence of anything. The other portion is preparing the box that houses the jewelry by branding the box with our signature B and engraving them with a custom message if desired.

What part do you enjoy the most about working at Brackish?

M: I really enjoy working with our suppliers and constantly looking for new ways to improve our Supply Chain. I take great satisfaction in providing the material, tools, and all production needs to our team members in a timely and efficient manner so they can perform their tasks in the best possible process.

P: The environment. It is great being around people that are friendly, caring, and contribute to making a workspace that is enjoyable to come to each day. The dog friendly environment is great as well. I love each and every dog that frequents here!

What are your favorite men’s and women’s pieces?

M: I think I had worn one bow tie in my life before working here. I have a couple now and even got my 10 year old son to wear one! I would say my favorites so far are the Fripp cufflinks and Black Jack belt. I’m just learning about women’s jewelry, but so far, my wife has loved every piece I’ve brought home to her! She loves the Lavin drop earrings and I got my mother in law the Courtney thin cuff that she wears all the time!

P: That’s a hard question. For mens I would have to say my favorites are the Blue Chuka, Turner, and the Royal bow ties. For women’s I would say the Quicksand, Asharah wide cuff, and the Aly stud earrings. 

When you are not working at Brackish, what do you like to do? Are there any other creative outlets that you utilize? 

M: Having a 10 year old boy that is into many different sports keeps us pretty busy.  Whenever I get the chance, I like to sneak in a round of golf or spend the day cooking.  

P: I typically spend time with friends and family. Recently, they have gotten me hooked on rock climbing, but we all compete in fighting game tournaments which I regularly organize locally. These tournaments are my biggest creative outlet as I’m having to always look for new ways to craft a better experience for all the players.

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