New Year's Eve Style Guide for Her

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It is almost time to ring in the new year. Whether you are welcoming 2022 from the comfort of your own couch or venturing out for the night, we have a little something for everyone to help you celebrate the new year in style no matter what your plans are. 

Black Tie

Accessories are the finishing touch to ensure that your overall Black Tie look is elegant yet memorable. You should go for pieces that are dramatic enough to make a statement but understated enough as to not take the attention away from the rest of your look. 

A pair of black or white earrings make for great adaptable accessories that will add an element of uniqueness while remaining classic and timeless. 

Check out our black and white statement earrings such as the Parades, Jane, Gault, or Claudia.

Parades Statement Earring

Cocktail Party

Cocktail party accessories should be anything but boring. A cocktail attire party is a perfect chance to wear accessories that bring out your own unique personality. 

If you are looking for a conversation starter then look no further than our latest addition to our women’s collection, the double-sided flat-panel hoops. With this unique design, you get two pairs in one as the inside and outside of both hoops present different, yet coordinating colors. Check out the Beth and Bono for our twist on the classic hoop earring. 

Beth Hoop Earring

Countdown from the Couch

Who says you have to have lavish plans to get a little dressed up? 

Complete a casual look with one of our fan studs. For a subtle pop of color, check out the Gussie. Handcrafted with navy, steel blue, and brown pheasant feathers.

For a more neutral option, go with the Gailey or the Wallowa. 


Gussie Stud Earring

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