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Make a Statement in our Bold New Styles

Posted by Brackish Team on

While nice “everyday” jewelry pieces are essential to any collection, choosing a few strong statement pieces you can rotate through most of your closet looks is key in creating a fully versatile wardrobe. Wearing a statement earring, necklace, or cuff can add a funky element to any look or complete an outfit with an unexpected finishing touch. 

Choosing to go bold with jewelry allows your accessories the chance to be a conversation starter. With our designs, we love playing with the textures and delicateness of feathers to create a unique focal point for any ensemble. This provides an opportunity for accessorizing grandly in any setting - from your casual errand look to a formal gown. 

If you aren’t looking for yourself, but rather for a gift for a significant other, statement earrings can be the perfect choice. They hold a lot of personality and depth, without running the risk of sizing or fit issues. They speak loudly and will always remind the receiver of the thought and care you took to picking out a pair that calls their name. 


As the leaves start to turn and the weather gets a little cooler, your favorite sweaters and blouses emerge from the back of the closet, proving to be standard pieces that can be worn time and again. Staple pieces in your wardrobe are always reliable, but they can feel stale if not occasionally mixed up with different accessories. To avoid feeling bored with your go-to options, try spicing them up with new accessories. With Fall rolling in, the cooler weather offers more opportunities to accessorize with your favorite sweater, blouse, or gown. 

We recently debuted our Fall Collection, offering even more statement earring options to our lineup and more opportunities for you to complement your seasonal favorites with unique pieces. Our beautifully handcrafted feather large statement earrings are a dramatic, yet classic addition to any look. We have a whole range of colors and styles, so we have broken down how to wear statement earrings based on occasion and design.


Ooh, shiny! To add a little sparkle to your look, look no further than some of our iridescent earring styles. While they might initially read as accessories fit for a gala or a more upscale occasion, they can easily be transitioned into something more casual with a slight change in wardrobe. The flecks of colors alternating in different lights allow for more coordinating potential. The Portia Statement Earring, named after fun times Co-Founder Ben had with friends on Portia Street, will be certain to bring you your own fun memories. Though a beautiful neutral slate grey color at first glance, they pick up gorgeous hues of blue and silver the more they move. These will be a lovely addition to your Friday night out look or a playful pairing with your next Black Tie ensemble. Prepare for endless compliments. 

The Dorothy Statement Earring, made with turkey and goose feathers, alternates from a more iridescent copper tone to a smooth, silky black. While these could easily be worn casually, they’re the quintessential formal statement earrings. Completed with 24K gold hardware, they’ll tie in to your other fine jewelry flawlessly. The copper tones in the turkey feathers allow the earrings to be paired gorgeously with warmer tones. 


There is nothing better than a fabulous piece that goes with everything. The Whaley Statement Earring has enough black in it to go with most looks, but also shows off the natural pheasant pattern featuring white and gold, tying in other hues that could easily be paired. The pattern is louder than some of our other options, making it a nice selection for lively look. Another black statement earring with a fantastic natural pattern is the Claudia Statement Earring. Created with all natural guinea feathers, the naturally occurring polka dots are fun, interesting, and timeless. For a really fun look, throw these on with a red dress and a pair of black heels. 

Lastly, the Parades Statement Earring is ultimate luxury and glamour. Pairing black goose feathers and stingray, the juxtaposition of contrasting textures and the black and gold color palette create an amazing pair of gorgeous earrings. Fit for glitzy occasions, the Parades Earring could also be paired with a graphic tee for a funky pairing.


The brown/umber and purple hues of Fall are reflected in a few of the brown statement earrings we create, most notably the Marjan Statement Earring. Crafted with pheasant feathers, the natural design of the feather does all of the talking. The black accents make them a versatile choice with the ability to match with almost anything. 

The subtle stripes of the Sandy Statement Earring are dusted with the greyish blue, brown, black, and tan hues of partridge feathers. The way the feathers fan out create a unique and eye-catching shape, adorning your ears with playfulness and whimsy. While the shape is fun, the colors are neutral and flexible when working with your wardrobe. 


While they don’t always have to be bridal, we think some of our white pieces would be excellent choices for going bold on your wedding day (or bridal shower, brunch after the wedding, or your go-to honeymoon earrings). The Jane Statement Earring is a classically bridal selection, with purely white goose feathers and the dainty gold fixtures. The bride below classically styled our Jane Earrings with a white jumpsuit for her rehearsal dinner.

The Gault Statement Earring includes black in its stingray posts, which means slightly more versatility. We like to see these paired with black just as much as white, or with a solid monochrome outfit. 


Last but certainly not least, color! If you are looking for a pair of colorful statement earrings, you are not afraid to be bold. You’re the kind of person who believes if you are going to do something, you might as well do it in the grandest fashion possible… and we gladly welcome that. Glimmering with peacock and pheasant feathers, the Leigh Statement Earring is by far the most colorful earring selection you could land on. Presenting nearly the entire color spectrum, the Leigh Earring is dazzling and elegant while never fearing to be “too loud” or “too much.” The Leigh wearer might believe that “more is more” and that there can never be too much of a good thing. We love to see these paired with any of the colors it contains - or, a classic white or black look. 

The Lybrand Statement Earring is just as breathtaking, yet more understated due to its all peacock make-up. This pair is more of a “pop of color” than a full spectrum of endless possibilities. The deep blues can sometimes shine into a violet or even a green in certain lights, all depending upon what you pair them with. The beauty of working with natural elements is how they can change from moment to moment, never clueing us in on what they will change into next. The Lybrand Earring can be worn elegantly in a formal setting or add a fun punch of color to your everyday look. 


Though statement earrings can be dramatic, the person donning them does not have to be (no judgement either way). The earring-wearer could easily be a person who normally chooses a simple, yet chic t-shirt and a nice pair of denim. The most outlandish thing in their look could easily be a pair of feather statement earrings dangling from their ears. Tilly McCallister Smith, senior director of content at Diane von Furstenburg and founder of @earafterear (an Instagram account dedicated to statement earrings and their many forms) puts it best: “It’s not like dying your hair where you have to commit to it; it’s not as if it’s a fabulous winter coat that is thousands of dollars. It’s just a little bit of fun and I think people still love that transformative effect of fashion.” A set of earrings can change your entire look from basic to chic in just two minutes; the power they hold is unmatched. The occasions in which you can wear fun statement earrings are endless, despite them potentially being the most out-of-the box accessories you may own. 

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