Best Groomsmen Gifts: Beautiful & Unique Pieces They Will Cherish Forever

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From left to right... Jeff Plotner (co-founder), Ben Ross (co-founder), Bubba Ross (Ben's father), Ben Ross, Hamp Ross (Ben's brother)

In 2007, Ben Ross, Brackish Co-Founder, spent hours at his kitchen table trying to think of the best groomsmen gift he could give his friends and family as a “thank you” for being a part of his special day. Ben’s biggest passion in life has always been his loved ones and he wanted to make sure he could give them something beautiful, unique, and heartfelt. This created a special challenge that put Ben’s creativity and ingenuity to the test. 

After frustration had set in, a strange collection of items sparked an unlikely idea. As an avid fly fisherman and an outdoorsman, Ben always had feathers lying around his house. As he was looking at a turkey feather laid out on his table, he noticed something interesting about its shape: it aligned perfectly with that of a bow tie. That day, he created something that changed his, and co-founder, Jeff Plotner’s, life forever: the Original feather bow tie. 

Jeff was a groomsman in Ben's wedding and was so inspired by the gift he had received that he eventually proposed they evolve his creation into a brand together. Thus, Brackish was born. 

Since then, we have created countless bow ties for grooms who want to give their closest friends an incredibly special groomsmen gift. In addition to the first Brackish accessory, we now have a complete line of other product types in all price ranges that will offer anyone the chance to give a practical, yet non traditional groomsmen gift.


In a world of Pinterest weddings, it’s easy for your wedding details to get lost in the shuffle. The last thing you want to give your groomsmen is a gift they already have (i.e. the monogrammed flask - a great gift, but likely something they might already own), or even worse, something they will never use. 

When a cherished friend or family member agrees to be a part of your wedding party, they’re agreeing to take part in one of the biggest days, and seasons, of your life. To commemorate a bond like that, you want to show your appreciation with a unique groomsmen gift. 

Aren’t sure where to start? There are a few things we believe make the best groomsmen gift:

Originality: Has it been done before? If you already own one or several of something from a friend’s wedding, chances are your groomsmen-to-be do as well. Giving something original will add a special touch to their experience and give them something unique to always look back on as a memento of their experience. They will most likely be talking up an original gift for years to come, especially if it is something they can wear time and again. 
Practicality: Speaking of something they can rewear, a great gift is remarkable, yet useful.  You want to be assured that the money and time you plan to spend on your groomsmen will be on something they will use proudly. A practical groomsmen gift will be appreciated by everyone who has dedicated their time and money to making your day great. (Note: Practicality doesn’t have to mean boring.)
Versatility: Of course, each of your groomsmen will be unique in personality, style, and taste. Finding a gift that will fit the aesthetic of your wedding while remaining true to who they are is of the utmost importance because ultimately, you’re giving them a gift you hope they truly like and are excited to wear. 
Thoughtfulness: The marking of a great gift is something that truly shows how much you appreciate the person receiving it. A gift that’s handmade (even if it isn’t by you) shows a great amount of care and attention spent in selecting it.



Brackish would not exist if it weren’t for the bow tie. The centerpiece of you and your groomsmens’ wedding look, a bow tie is a fantastic choice for a gift that meets all four of our criteria: originality, practicality, versatility, and thoughtfulness. We love to see the way grooms choose to give these, whether it’s with all different, but coordinating, bow ties for each groomsmen or a matching tie for everyone. Though our bow ties were originally created by an outdoorsman, that does not mean they lack upscale style. Their beauty can be admired for both their respect to nature and their striking style alike, which is an incredibly distinctive quality. As for styling, this groom opted for our classic Slate for his groomsmen and the Slate w/ Snakeskin for himself to differentiate from their ties. If you want to opt for a contrasting look, this Rice bow tie paired with a white tuxedo for the groom and a St. Pierre for the groomsmen is beautifully classic. 

This groom, in particular, gave his groomsmen their choice of bow tie, while he sported our classic Guinea style. 

Bow ties featured from left to right… Grey Wolf, Flintlock, Blue Chuka, Archibald, Keel, Mayfly

Whereas this groom chose to match his groomsmen as they all sported our Guinea bow tie. 


If you are looking for something to really make a statement, there is nothing greater than our range of feather cummerbunds. Taking over 20 hours to create in our studio, these are incredibly remarkable pieces fit for an outstanding Black Tie affair. A cummerbund would make an excellent gift if you are looking for something equally extravagant and classic. It could also serve as the unique gift to give your Best Man to allow him to stand out from the rest of your groomsmen. The Guinea Cummerbund pairs well with a wide range of our bow ties, while the Hugo or the Emerald Cummerbund are big statement makers. This Father of the Groom and Best Man sported the Hugo Cummerbund with our coordinating Peacock bow tie. 


The most subtle of our groomsmen gift recommendations, our feather detailed cufflinks are uniquely exquisite and refined. While cufflinks are a more common groomsmen gift, these will be different than any piece they own. These are a distinguished choice for those aiming to give a gift with a high wear value that fits a wide array of styles. Everyone will wear cufflinks at some point (other than your wedding), so your groomsmen will certainly appreciate their usefulness and stylishness. The small feather detail speaks volumes without overpowering a look or commanding too much attention. We don’t think you can go wrong when choosing from any of the range, but the Capers cufflinks are absolute show stoppers. This groom, in particular, styled our Dewees cufflinks with our Jeffery bow tie for his big day. The emerald green pheasant feathers add a unique pop of color to the traditional grooms attire, and the complementary cufflinks draw the hue throughout the ensemble. 

Photos by Leigh Heyward Photography


Our handcrafted Plum Thicket Pins are a great option for those looking to add flair to their groomsmens’ look while remaining cost effective. The whole range pairs well with all of our other accessories, which makes for a beautifully cohesive look if the groom is planning to wear one of our bow ties or cummerbunds. For a more casual wedding, try pairing these with a casual jacket with a crisp white shirt and no tie. If aiming for that particular style, we love the Roost or the Highlands.



We know there is a sea of potential gifts out there, so we’re honored that you’re considering choosing us to be a part of your celebration. Because our beginnings were built on weddings, we know that this is something we do best and we’re confident we can help add a little magic to your event. From the first bow tie that Ben created, to the countless bow ties our artisans have made since then, every single accessory has been given the utmost attention. We guarantee yours will be given the same amount of care and love. 


Unlike purchasing something blindly online, when purchasing for your wedding, you have the option of shopping through our Wedding Specialist. Caroline will be there every step of the way to assist you in styling, choosing which accessory category, pricing, and any other questions you have. We will do everything we can to help you build your ideal wedding package, including but not limited to: texting photos of fabric swatches, long phone calls discussing all the fun wedding details, helping make last minute decisions - you name it, our Wedding Specialist is most likely prepared for it and ready to assist. 

In addition to having a Wedding Specialist at your service to help you make your decision, we also offer personal engraving as an option. We believe this provides a unique touch and adds even more value to an already incredible gift. Our signature hand-branded wooden boxes donning your groomsmens’ names is the perfect incorporation into their gifting experience.  
We appreciate your brand loyalty more than we can express. We want to thank you by offering preferred pricing when making orders in large quantities. 



Though we try to remain modest, we’ve worked with enough grooms to know that gifting Brackish is always a good idea. We have the photo evidence of the looks of “wow” to prove it. Don’t be surprised if you see them as a guest at the next wedding wearing the gift you gave them to wear on your wedding day. We assure you they won’t be disappointed. 


Contact our Wedding Specialist to get started on your order.


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