“The Pinnacle Of Artisanal Feather Craftsmanship,” Brackish Reflects On Our Artistic Journey

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Brackish was fortunate enough to be featured in Forbes, which discussed the in-depth journey of our brand and the heritage of our company. From the original creation of co-founder Ben Ross’s turkey feather bow tie that was used as a groomsmen gift for his wedding, to Jeff Plotner’s entrepreneurial spirit that sparked the business, Brackish has grown “into an innovative brand renowned for its artisanal elegance.”

“A big part of their success is their core values of collaboration and organic evolution of products.” Starting with bow ties, Brackish has grown into an established men’s and women’s feather accessory brand. After a meticulous selection of feathers, each piece is handcrafted by our team of artisans, located in Charleston, South Carolina. Each artisan pushes “the boundaries of what their capabilities can do with feathers.” Each piece is handcrafted to ensure it is, “a true masterpiece of craftsmanship,” which in turn enhances its natural beauty.

Along with creating an artistic environment in the office, we also wanted to pay homage to our local environment. "In a world of outsourcing, where delegating tasks is the norm, we choose a different path. By doing everything here, we maintain exceptional control over our processes and products, which is something we are truly proud of," states Ross.

A special thank you to Forbes contributor, Jennifer Lee. Read more about Brackish’s journey here & discover the artistry here.

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