“One Of My Favorite Brands”: Brackish Plum Thicket Pins Make a Statement on The Today Show

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We are thrilled to share our recent feature on The Today Show on June 6th, 2024, during the 9am Father’s Day gift guide segment. During the broadcast, our Plum Thicket Pins were shown as ideal pieces to gift your father figure for the upcoming holiday.

“These are spectacular. So unique.” The Deke pin, as worn by Craig, is crafted with navy blue and black and white pheasant feathers, with a charcoal grey guinea feather border. Each feather pin is wrapped and secured with burlap twine.

Craig Melvin wearing the Deke Plum Thicket Pin

True to our deep history of quality craftsmanship, each feather we place is all-natural, sustainably-sourced, and hand-selected, which means each Brackish piece is truly one of a kind. We take our focus on respecting nature a step further in our Plum Thicket collection by foraging for each thorn right here in the woods of South Carolina. 

Looking for some style inspiration? The Plum Thicket Pins are an elevated take on a traditional lapel but can also be worn as a statement piece on your suit, jacket, or hat. 

If you're new here, we’re so glad that you’ve found us thanks to our friends at The Today Show. And, if you’re a returning friend of the feather many thanks for your continued support as we celebrate this win for our community and our company. 

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