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Brackish Feather Earrings: A Style for All Occasions

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For centuries, the feather has symbolized many attributes of the highest importance: honor, strength, power, and freedom. These characteristics have always been admired by co-founder Ben Ross and were his main inspiration for the collection, and they continue to be revered by our artisans today. When we were working to create our first collection of feather earrings, we wanted to exhibit these elements in a modern way that would result in the most versatile fashion pieces. The result: a range of handmade, real feather earrings that can be worn for any occasion. 

The leap to creating womens’ accessories was something we thought deeply about for a long time. The handmade feather bow tie was our first product, and it offered something new and exciting that had never been seen before. It was the culmination of a lot of beautiful concepts: taking something natural and creating something that was wearable and elegant, gifting a labor of love to lifelong friends, and respecting nature and all that it has to offer. When it came to expanding our line into womenswear, we knew it had to be just as captivating and that the design details had to be just right.  

For as long as our brand has existed, women have asked when they would get their chance to don a Brackish piece. Their time finally arrived last year when we were able to release our first Brackish womens’ jewelry collection. The collection, exhibiting an array of colors, feather types, and styles, has proven to offer something for everyone. Since its release, we’ve assisted countless customers in selecting their ideal first pair of handmade feather earrings 

We know choosing the right pair will be fun and exciting, but if you are feeling overwhelmed with the choices, we wanted to provide a guide for making your selection. 



With so many great options, we know it can be difficult to determine which pair you want to purchase first. Although we don’t think you can go wrong, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied. The key to selecting a style that will fit you best is asking yourself three questions: 


  1. What occasion am I shopping for?
  2. Do I want something that will be a bold statement, or a set that will go with anything? 
  3. Do I typically like to wear longer statement earrings, or would I rather stick to studs? 



The Brackish Woman has countless occasions to attend, all with different attire requirements. It’s difficult to figure out what styles would be best -- we get it! Thankfully, all of our pieces can be mixed and matched in a multitude of ways. However, if you are looking for some inspiration, here are ways we would style some crowd favorites...


Black Tie 

Black Tie jewelry pairing is all about elegance and timelessness. It calls for pieces dramatic enough to make a statement, but understated enough as to not take all eyes off your complete look. A pair of black or white earrings make for great adaptable accessories that will add an element of uniqueness while remaining refined.  

For a Black Tie event, try pairing the Parades earring with an understated, yet eye-catching gown similar to this high neck trumpet gown. The parades earring is crafted with rich, black goose feathers and a slightly shimmery black stingray. The juxtaposition of the two natural materials together offers a fresh, elevated look. Opting for long feather earrings adds drama and subtly draws the eye upward. 

Coordinating with your date is important when taking all of those great “Black Tie ready” photos you will cherish for a lifetime. Try the pairings below if you and your Black Tie counterpart are looking for a way to tie your looks together. 

Bow Tie Complements for the Parades Earring: Rice, Guinea, St. Pierre, Slate, Gatsby, Ferrelle

Fun Formal 

Not every formal event calls for muted colors. If you want to throw a little color into your next formal look, the brilliant hues of the all-natural peacock and pheasant feathers that make up our Leigh earrings are a perfect choice. Try pairing these with an emerald green evening gown like this one. The colorful feathers our artisans chose for this pair will complement almost any look. Conversation piece bonus points: every color in these earrings are all-natural. 

Bow Tie Complements for the Leigh Earrings: Spectrum, Chisolm

Another way to add a bold pop to your formal look is with our Lybrand earring, made with vibrant turquoise peacock feathers. We love these worn as either the statement piece of your whole look, or color blocked as part of a bright ensemble. These daring accessories are not for the faint of heart and will be the talk of your next event.  

 Bow Tie Complements for the Lybrand Earring: Hugo, YancyPatterson, Codell, Flintlock


Everyday Wear

If you are looking for a little style direction for your “everyday” feather earrings, look no further than some of our striking neutral options. Your go-to earrings should be easy to complement, lightweight, and make a statement about your style. For a pair that will stand the test of time, try the Anna or Dorothy earrings. The subdued browns and cream colors of the bobwhite quail feathers paired with the 24K gold plated post creates a polished, yet unique accessory that will be easy to throw on with a sundress or a cardigan and your favorite pair of jeans. 

 Bow Tie Complements for the Anna Earring: Blue Chuka, Grey Bobwhite, Peck

If long feather earrings are not your preference, try a pair of studs like the Walton or Wells earrings for everyday wear. Handcrafted with vibrant royal blue peacock feathers, the Walton earring is an easy go to to pair with nearly everything in your closet. The Wells stud earrings on the other hand, are crafted with slate blue pheasant feathers that give off just the right amount of sheen to draw the eyes upward.

Bow Tie Complements for the Linda Hart and Wells Earring: Monarch, River Wind, St. Pierre, Edisto

Cocktail Hour

A Cocktail Hour earring should be anything but boring. Meant for making a statement, your after-hours accessories should be fun and transition into the evening seamlessly. The perfect Cocktail Hour earring is a conversation starter, like our Louisa earring. This pair packs a punch in a small, but powerfully colorful package. The blend of guinea, pheasant, and peacock feathers creates an interesting design, optimal for pairing with a colorful pant and white button down or your favorite dress. 

Bow Tie Complements for the Louisa Earring: Mill Pond, Flintlock, Guinea, Spectrum, Gatsby

If brighter colors aren’t what you’re looking for, try the Huntley earring. Crafted with copper turkey feathers, the Huntley earring goes with almost everything. The natural black stripe that goes down the center gives the pair a more “wild” feel and creates added dimension. Bonus points if you pair them with the Chandler thin and wide cuffs. 

Bow Tie Complements for the Huntley Earring: Original, Big Sky, Yancy, Ferrelle


What better way to celebrate one of your biggest life events than with a pair of earrings handcrafted just for you? Whether you wear them to get married in, or they are your go-to pair for your bridal shower and other pre-wedding events, we think adding these to your wardrobe will give you a fun accessory during some of your happiest moments. It’s your day, of course, so if you choose to add a pop of color, we fully support that! But if you’d like to keep it traditional (as traditional as feather earrings can be), try the Jane Earring. An elegant, all white goose feather pair with our 24K gold plating will add interest and texture to your look, without going over the top. 

 Bow Tie Complements for the Jane Earring: Carew, River Wind, RiceSt. Pierre, Flintlock, Gatsby, Slate

For another stunning bridal option, try the Gault Earring. Crafted with goose feathers, pheasant feathers, and stingray, the Gault Earring dazzles with its subtle design. 

 Bow Tie Complements for the Gault Earring: River Wind, RiceSt. Pierre

Gailey Earring and Walton Earring featured above. 



One of our favorite parts of creating one-of-a-kind accessories is seeing the many ways you style them. From the woman who is looking to make an elegant addition to her jewelry collection, to the woman who wants to declare her style boldly -- we have something for everyone. We created all of these pieces with you in mind. 

Ultimately, the way you wear your Brackish Feather Earrings is up to you; you wear the earrings, the earrings don’t wear you! If you need a little guidance, our professional Styling Concierge is always available to help, you know yourself best and we trust you’ll wear any piece you choose with grace and confidence. We may be biased, but no matter if you make a bold choice or a more understated one, we don’t think you can go wrong. 

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