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How to Style our Pendant Necklace Collection

Posted by Brackish Team on

With the launch of our new Pendant Necklace collection, we can’t stop thinking about all of the possible dreamy necklace stack combinations. Layered necklaces are the perfect way to upgrade your outfit to a new level, no matter what the occasion. The designs, lengths, textures, and colors are endless– but the most important thing is to get a final result that is elegant yet still seems effortless. 

If you're wondering how to layer pendant necklaces—whether with new pieces, old favorites, or a mix of both—we have the tips and tricks to get you started and upgrade your stacking game.

Choose Your Centerpiece

The first step to layering pendant necklaces is to choose your favorite piece and build around it. Whether that be something with a pendant or a piece with a thicker chain, this statement piece will be the starting point of creating your perfect stack. From there, you can layer with different lengths, colors, and textures that complement its beauty without it losing that center stage spotlight.

Vary Your Lengths

To create the ultimate layering effect, you will want to first focus on choosing a variety of chain lengths. We recommend starting with 2 or 3 chain lengths that have at least a 2’’ difference. Our rectangle pendants, Tini, Quilt, and Yeol, fall at a length of 16’’ and the round pendants, Decimo, Deu, and Ahuru, fall at a length of 18’’. 

The space between each chain allows each individual piece to stand out and be seen versus getting lost in each other. 

Add Colors and Textures

When layering pendant necklaces, add textures and colors to give your stack that eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads. 

The Ahuru and Yeol are crafted with guinea feathers that showcase a stunning contrast between classic black and white.

The Decimo and Qulit highlight the most luxurious part of the Peacock feather, giving you an unmistakable pop of color to your stack. 

The layered cream and tan bobwhite quail feathers in the Deu and Tini are purposefully placed to create neutral-colored textures that add depth and detail to any outfit. 

Pair with your Brackish Favorites

Once you have your stack down, pair it with your other Brackish favorites for an overall cohesive look. For a casual occasion, pair it with your go-to stud earrings such as the Gailey, Yuka, or Hiott.

For a night out, complete your look with an eye-catching statement earring like the Claudia, Anna, or Nikko Blue and a matching cuff such as the Mary Ann, Courtney, or Julie

Have Fun With It

The ultimate secret for learning how to layer necklaces–have fun with it! There is truly no right or wrong way to showcase your jewelry so don’t overthink it. Layering necklaces is a chance to showcase your own unique style, whether that is vibrant and bold, or simple and neutral. 

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